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Clips4Sale - Goddess Christina - Dreamy Legs

Duration: 17min 27sec Views: 3 362 Submitted: 1 year ago Submitted by:
Description: Look at my sexy legs. Theyre pretty hot huh. When you look at them you cant think straight. All you can think about is touching your hard dick. Just watch them. I want you to keep looking at them. Admire how amazing they are. Look down at these hot heels then slowly let your eyes go all the way up to my marvelous ass. I bet you wish you could touch these gorgeous legs do you think you could even handle it? Lets see how much you can handle? Were going to play a little game. Im going to show you how hot my legs and ass look in several different sexy outfits. For each outfit – Im going to countdown from 10 to 1 Can you resist? Be honest with yourself. My gorgeous dreamy legs make you weak.
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