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Crystal Knight - Losers Love Jerking To Me

Duration: 15min 14sec Views: 2 052 Submitted: 5 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Pathetic loser pindicks love to jerk to me. Repeat after me phrases, and humiliating mantras are my favorite thing to add to a hot jerk off session. Having you say aloud, “Im not worthy” , “ My Dick Cannot Please Goddess”, “I`m pathetic and so is my dick”, is pure entertainment 4 me. Your hand strokes faster as the domination builds. As you edge closer n closer, the mantras make you weaker, taking you into a mesmerized jerking spell. As I count you down u pronounce you`re the biggest loser in the world and the only thing you were born to do is jerk for me.
Categories: HD Porn
Models: Crystal Knight